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DRM Scholars is a knowledge-based personal development book club for women who have a passion for reading, learning, and self-development.

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The only online book club where you can connect with other bookworms from the comfort of your home, learn a new skill, and reach personal and professional goals with a community of women who are on a similar path as you.

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Meet live online with other bookworms who are also passionate about self-development and becoming their best selves. Occasionally, we also host live online book club meetings with our favorite authors'.

Receive support and encouragement every step of the way with reaching your personal or professional goals.

In addition to our amazing community, you also receive several tools and resources to help you reach your ultimate goals.

Highlights of what's happening inside the club


Everything is F*cked by Mark Manson

This book will challenge you to be more honest with yourself and connected with the world in ways you probably haven’t considered before. He covers topics on faith, happiness, freedom and of course, hope. Are we ultimately f*cked? Read to find out.

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Episode 022- Meditation: Clarity

With everything happening in our world today, life can get extremely stressful and overwhelmed.  We may lose sight of things that are important to us or just lack the clarity we need in order to have a productive day. 

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How to Develop A Daily Reading Habit

Check out these tips on how you can implement a daily reading habit today. Regardless if you feel that you are a slow reader, a fast reader, or just trying to become a more avid reader, these tips will help you create a daily reading habit.

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