Welcome to featured authors, a podcast that is dedicated to new or established self-publishing authors. I decided to create this podcast in an effort to help authors expand their reader's reach through active promotion. This is a free service that DRM Scholars provides to all self-publishing authors for fiction and non-fiction genres.


The reason I am so passionate about this new project is that there are so many talented writers out there and their work is often overlooked for numerous reasons. We are here to provide authors with a platform where they can establish trust and have an opportunity to build an audience of readers who will appreciate their work. If you are an author and would like more information on how to be a part of this featured program, be sure to check out our "For Authors" page or by clicking here.


If you're a listener, be sure to subscribe to this podcast so that you can easily discover new indie authors and help support their work. Thank you for your support!


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