Welcome, I'm your host & founder, Dinah

I am so thrilled to have you here!

I created DRM Scholars after spending years searching for a tribe of women who enjoyed reading as much as I do. I participated in online book clubs in the past, but I could not find one that would allow me to create meaningful relationships with others who shared the same interests outside of the usual social media realm.

Later, when I transitioned back to being a working mom, convenience became a huge factor for me. I found that my time became more constrained to do the things that brought me joy—reading, writing, learning, and teaching.

​What makes DRM Scholars unique is that our conversation doesn’t stop after we meet live to discuss the book of the month. We have meaningful discussions, small focused accountability groups, and activities that evoke inspiration and motivation to pursue our goals.

Rather than having to choose whether you need to place the needs of others before your own, DRM Scholars supports you by putting a bit of wind in your sail while also keeping in mind that your time is valuable.

I hope that you will join us on this journey and see why we are not your average book club.

- Dinah

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