3 Ways You’re Being Motivated by Your Ego

If you find that you are internally restless, dissatisfied, frustrated, and irritable; if you are struggling with anger, resentment, or getting along with others; and if you feel you are constantly second-guessing yourself, looking over your shoulder, or people-pleasing, it is likely that you’re being motivated by the ego. This level of functioning can keep you at a lower vibration, robbing you of happiness, goal attainment, positive relationships, and the higher energy and freedom that comes with releasing ties to the ego. Below we will discuss 3 specific ways that you identify and target ego traps.

Constantly seeking approval from others.

This state of insecurity and self-consciousness tends to occur due to fears you haven’t yet worked through. When you live your life seeking acceptance and approval from those around you, you give up control over your own actions and decisions; you might hesitate to pursue your dreams; and you betray yourself and your own needs.

How to target this ego trap: Ultimately, approval seeking is a form of self-sabotage. You drain yourself physically and emotionally to the point that you will have nothing left to give to others. You will end up disappointing everyone around you because this state leads you to chronically abandon all self-care, which, in turn, results in your own emotional decompensation. Focus on seeking out your own approval—of yourself! Invest your mental energy on achieving the vision you have for your own life—where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.

Viewing failures as setbacks.

When the ego has taken over, failure is viewed as the complete end—as something so terrible and shameful that it should be completely avoided. In this state, you cannot learn from failure and use it to improve your skills and abilities because you are too consumed by the tragedy of falling short of the outcome you wanted.

How to target this ego trap: Shift. Your. Mindset. Many of us are conditioned to believe that failure is a horribly negative outcome, but what if we were taught the wrong definition? Failure is an opportunity. It is the precursor to progress, improvement, and reaching the highest levels of functioning—your maximum potential, and beyond.

Imposter syndrome.

When your belief about yourself is negative and distorted, you might feel chronically guilty and undeserving of anything good happening to you in your life. Imposter syndrome kicks in when you can’t accept that your hard work, dedication, and commitment has paid off and has led to your achievements.

How to target this ego trap: Remind yourself of your strengths, your achievements, and your accomplishments. Identify all of the positive characteristics that you possess and that make you unique. This exercise must be done with much repetition because your ego works to remind you of those negative and distorted thoughts and images, making you believe (a deception) that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough. You must rewire and reroute your thoughts in a more positive direction so that you can establish a strong sense of self-love.

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