Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I loved this book from start to finish. Although the book seems primarily written for people who are Art majors, (it references art a lot) there was great advice that can hold true for any field of work you're in or want to pursue.

I was amazed at her story about Anne Patchett and the amazon woman love story. That was truly a moment of Big Magic. I also appreciate that Gilbert's reverence for ideas when they present themselves to us. She described an idea as something that comes in gently and will leave if you don't capture it when it does presents itself.

I also love her analogy of putting time into your work and treating it like a love affair. Hehe. 🤫😆 There were so many great takeaways from this book I'll have to write a more detailed review.

This book is for you if you're struggling with unlocking your creativity or need some sensible guidance on a career that you may otherwise not consider.

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