Book Review | After Alice by Gregory McGuire 

After Alice was written from several characters' perspectives. They were each related to Alice in some way. The story follows Alice's dearest friend, Ada. After learning about Alice's mother's death and that Alice was missing, Ada went on a quest to find her friend. Lydia, Alice's sister, could care less about her and preferred if Alice remained missing.

Ada stumbles across the rabbit hole and falls into Wonderland. Once in Wonderland, Ada comes across familiar characters. As she continues to retrace Alice's footsteps, she would eventually find Alice at trial.

Maguire's perspective on Alice in Wonderland was beautifully written. We get a glimpse of the life Alice left behind while she was in Wonderland. It is a story of, AFTER ALICE.

Anyone who has ever read Gregory Maguire novels knows that his recreation of fairytales is never quite like the originals. It is not best to compare this novel to the original Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland. In my opinion, Gregory Maguire is the Tim Burton of fairytales. Some readers found that the story had too many characters to follow. However, I found the different points of view strengthens the plot. It was a great read, and I recommend it.

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