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Confessions from Your Fat Friend is a very honest and authentic book written by Paige Fieldsted. It is a book that focuses on her personal journey to self-love and body positivity. It was through this journey that she has learned how to become an advocate for other women to embrace their differences, curves and all, in order to start living their best lives.

Paige is a huge believer in loving yourself and celebrating our differences because it's our differences that make the world beautiful. She also believes that all people deserve the freedom that comes from being able to accept their bodies.

What is unique about this book is that each chapter is based on a different confession. Each confession tells a story about Paige's experience where she learned how to love her body just as she is regardless of what societal opinions and biases are on the matter.

"The real problem is we learned through generations of conditioning what is beautiful and acceptable and what is fat and undesirable. We all know this, yet we continue to perpetuate the ideal body type and shape by conditionally praising those who do manage to reach that ideal." - Paige Fieldsted, Confessions from Your Fat Friend

She also talks about body shaming, the negative impact and influence media has on women and young girls, celebrities who have been body shamed, the retail industry's lack of options for plus-sized women and so much more.

We can all do so much better when it comes to body image including the way we objectify women in the media. We shouldn't have to feel ashamed or judged for shopping in a certain section of a store. It shouldn't be a struggle to find clothes that fits our bodies comfortably, and certainly, women should not be devalued based on their physical appearance. We are so much more than our bodies.

Paige has appeared on Fox13, has authored articles in Curvicality magazine, and has also been featured on several podcasts speaking to women on body positivity. To learn more about Paige and the wonderful work she is doing, you can find her over on Instagram, Facebook, and her website

And now I present to you, Paige Fieldsted...

Let us know what your struggles are or share one of your confessions. There's just so much goodness in here! If you'd like to continue this conversation, head over to our Facebook or Instagram.

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