Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah

This story broke my heart. There was just so much going on with this character and her family that I'm not sure how I feel about the ending.

I can relate with a lot of the struggles that Elizabeth had to deal with regarding the frustration of always moving. I love that the setting was based in Oregon. That's one place I wished I could visit. It seems like it would be a quiet and peaceful life up there.

My favorite character was Elizabeth's best friend, Meghann, because she seems to know exactly what she wants in life and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her choices or the type of men she is dating. I also love that she goes out of her way to offer her friend support when she needed it most. I didn't have much animosity towards Elizabeth's stepmom, which I think the author tried to have her play the role of an antagonist, but I didn't see her that way. I just felt awful for her that she had to endure the pain of losing multiple children and not being able to have any with the life of her life. Her story seemed like it would have been far more interesting than Elizabeth's.

Learning about Elizabeth's mother's disappearance did tie things up nicely, though it wasn't what I expected.

Overall, this was a pretty decent read. It's certainly not the best written by this author, but it was a good read.

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