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Join me in this charming conversation with bestselling author, Heather Grace Stewart.

Heather has been a writer for twenty years, brings her authentic self and wisdom in this episode of our featured author special. Heather began her writing at a very young age and her writing style continued to be influenced through her exposure to journalism.

Heather primarily writes fast-paced, humorous, and touching romance novels. You can find all her books on Amazon. Several of her books are also available as audiobooks over on Audible, Scribd, and Kobo! So be sure to look for her there are well. I've always loved audiobooks, so when I learned that her books were also available in this format, I was absolutely delighted! Listening to her books brings each character to life and truly allows you to be able to be transported into their world and connect with each on a personal level.

What sets Heather apart form most writers is not only her beautifully written novels but her genuine love for reading and giving back to the world. Her generosity goes beyond helping other writers progress in their careers, but she is also an advocate for children's education by donating half the proceeds of her poetry book, Leap and Where the Butterfly Goes, to UNICEF's Gifts of Education.

Heather Grace is truly an inspiring and authentic individual who I'll continue to rave about because honestly, we need more authors like her, who are selflessly changing the world through this act of kindness. What better way to enjoy a book than knowing that when you make a purchase for Heather's poetry you'll also be helping support children's education?

Furthermore, her novel, Lauren from Last Night, was recently released on May 8th, 2020 on Amazon--perfect timing for Mother's Day! So be sure to order your copy today.

Learn more about Heather and her Love Again series by visiting her website at www.heathergracestewart.com and also over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @heathergracestewart. Also, be sure to show so love and appreciate by leaving a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

And now, I present to you, Heather Grace Stewart!

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