How to Be Present and Focused on Enjoying the Moment

As a busy mother and working professional, you might constantly feel like you have to be three steps ahead—maybe ten steps ahead sometimes—just to get through your days and tend to daily responsibilities. In many ways, it’s necessary for you to stay on this mental mode of thinking ahead, into the near and distant future, simply to be able to survive and keep yourself and everyone else you care for afloat. For these reasons, turning the switch off—or even just pausing your problem-solving, task-oriented mind—is challenging.

There are ways you can intentionally switch out of anticipating and preparing for what’s ahead all the time and instead keep your focus and awareness in the here and now—even if zoning into the present moment only occurs for 10 minutes per day. When you repeat this practice every day, something clicks—something changes within you, allowing you to return to your fast-paced mode more centered, aware, and focused. Setting aside a short window of time to be mindful allows you to return to business as usual a more rejuvenated and recharged person.

Pick a time and a moment—it could be while playing with your kids, when going for a walk, or as you perform a household chore. For 10 minutes, imagine yourself—your body—drifting from your future-minded self to your present self; the self that is right here, right now. Then, one by one, engage your senses; your sight, smell, hearing, touch, and even taste if you’re able to. What do you see, right here, in the present moment? What scents linger in the air around you? What sounds can you hear in the place you are right now? What can you feel with your hands, feet, or against your body? If you’re able to drink or eat something in the moment, feel the texture, temperature, and flavor of the food or beverage in your mouth. Be intentional with this exercise and you will soon discover a great source of bringing yourself back to the tranquility and beauty of moments.

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