How to Have More of What You Want

Many of us have a never-ending list of things that we want in life. From our bucket list of things we want to do in our lifetimes, we have smaller, seemingly less essential wants. But with the busyness of everyday life between work, family, and the many responsibilities that we carry, life can easily pass us by before we know it. As we go throughout life, it’s essential to take a step back and evaluate your life. Do you feel like you have what you want? Or are there things that you wish to that seem to keep slipping through the cracks?

If you’re finding that it’s time to take some action to have more of what you want, here are some tips for doing so.

Figure out what you want

We may have a long list of things that we want, like stronger relationships or more tangible wants, but we may not always enjoy some of the items on that list when we think about it. Often, we want something that sounds nice on paper, but logistically doesn’t work or isn’t something important to us.

Take a bit of time to evaluate your life and your desires. What is it that you truly want? Be sure to take a look at the significant desires and the little longings. Whatever it is you wish for is there for a reason. But when you look at what you want, which ones stand out even after you’ve contemplated long enough? Those are the things we want to focus on.

Make a plan

Of course, to get what we want, were going to need a plan. This is going to vary greatly depending on what you want. If you want a garden, then you’re going to want to start planning for a garden, including the location, learn about gardening, what the budget will be, and more. Another example is if you want to be closer to your family. You'll need to figure out all the logistics of what needs to happen for it to become a reality.

Sometimes our wants are very simple! If we have desires that are easier to accomplish, the planning aspect can be much more comfortable. Whatever it is what you want, figure out what you’ll need to get there. The things we want in life don’t always have to have to be complicated. And even when they are, as Marie Forleo would say, everything is figuroutable.

Take action

Once you have your plan in place, taking action is the next crucial step. Set a start date, make the appointment, do what needs to get done and get the ball rolling. It’s easy to say we want something, but actually taking actionable steps to get there is where most people abandon so many dreams and goals. Don't let this be true for you as well.

We all want the luxuries that life can offer to us. But, without evaluating what we truly want and how to get there, we can stay stuck. So, start taking small steps today to get more of what you want in life.

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