How to Rebuild a Broken Relationship

Couple relationships are not the only kind of relationship that can become broken when things are left unaddressed. Best friends as well as mothers and daughters can become estranged as well, and for many different reasons. However, relationships won’t stay broken if you do something to rebuild them. To help you take the first step, here are a few simple tips that will help you heal your relationship.

1. Hash Things Out

Most of the time, when best friends or mothers and daughters become estranged is due to a lack of communication. We often give each other the cold shoulder instead of hashing things out. That’s why the first step in rebuilding your relationship is to open a line of communication. Civilized, respectful communication. A simple text message can be enough to get things going, and once you’re both open to communication, you can meet in person and speak more freely.

2. Express Your Intentions Clearly

Once you’ve started communicating again, you want that communication to be worthwhile. In other words, be honest, open, and clear about your intentions. The worst thing you can do in a situation where you’ve become distant from each other is to expect them to read your mind. No one can do that, so you need to come out and speak your mind about what’s going on while remaining calm and open to dialogue.

3. Show Them Love

If you’re ready to rebuild your relationship with your friend, your mother, or your daughter, it’s because you care about them. You no longer want your relationship to be broken, so it’s important you show them you still love them and you still care. Even if you have your issues, the reason you’re willing to work them out is love!

4. Create a Bridge and Cross It

Once you’ve discussed your issues, it’s time to move on. When you express yourself, you’re building a bridge towards forgiveness and once you cross it, you will be able to leave all that stuff in the past. Turn a new page. If you’re not ready to do that because you need a bit more time, that’s okay. Just remember to work on building that bridge even if you’re not ready to get over it yet.

5. Be Honest

Being honest is key when you want to rebuild a relationship with someone. Be honest about what you agree with, but also about what you disagree with. There’s no room for deceit or lies when you’re trying to mend fences with someone. Fixing the issue is about breaking down your walls and being honest while still keeping things nice. There may be a lot of emotions flying around, but talking things out is not about pushing each other’s buttons and screaming at each other. It’s about making things better, so focus on why you’re doing this, not on your emotions.

It’s not easy to rebuild a broken relationship, especially when things have been hanging over your heads for a while. But it can be done if you both make an effort.

Join in on the conversation. Tell us about a time when you have mended a broken relationship. How did you feel after you decided to take the first step?

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