Overcoming Excuses: Finding the Time & Motivation to Get In Shape

When it comes to reaching those health and fitness goals, time management is essential for starting and staying with your newfound lifestyle.

I don’t have enough time.

-- The BIGGEST lie we tell ourselves

Ever wonder how some women in the office can stay in shape, never miss work, cook all the healthy meals, and make it home in time to take the kids to soccer practice? It’s like they somehow have more hours in the day or something.

As much as you can wish it to be true, we know the truth. We all have the same 24 hours each and every day to become the best we can be. But how can we find the time to finally lose weight, get back in shape, and feel healthy?

You don’t. You schedule time.

The following 4 strategies are designed to improve your time management skills as well as keep you more consistent in your health and fitness goals.

Schedule & Respect YOUR Time

Would you miss a meeting with a client? How about with your boss? A date night with your partner or family? Of course not! That time is essential for all those involved. We continually miss our workout times, forget to pack a lunch, or spend time by ourselves.

We spend so much time working for others, our goals no longer seem important. But they are! Without a healthy body and mind, you can’t provide for those you care about. So when it comes to scheduling in your workouts -- whether 30 minutes or an hour -- treat it like any other necessary appointment.

Build Consistency & Don’t Give Up!

If you hate running, chances are you’re not going to stick with it. If you aren’t confident in your cooking abilities, meal prepping might not be for you. To build consistency, you should look forward to (or at least want to) the activity.

Try out different fitness modes (boxing, strength training, HIIT, yoga, etc.) to find out which style you like best and support your goals. When it comes to nutrition, don’t be afraid to try home delivery options or quick meal prep recipes to save time and energy healthily.

Celebrate Every Victory -- Big or Small

How amazing does it feel to walking into Starbucks on your birthday? A free drink plus everyone celebrating YOU -- it’ll make you wish every day was your birthday. The same thing applies to your goals.

Create mini-milestones to reach throughout your journey to celebrate from your first workout to adding a single vegetable to your meals. Nothing is too small to be celebrated. Little progress is STILL progress -- and each celebration will keep you motivated to reach more!

Self-Care Comes In All Forms

Recovery is just as important as your workouts. And finding the right balance for your goals and lifestyle is all about listening to your body. You don’t need to go 0 to 100 in a single week. Start slow and show yourself some love when obstacles arise. You got this!

Also, try not to get frustrated if you only eat three healthy meals this week instead of six. Instead, start at three and build-up from there! Start to squeeze in one workout a week… then two… then three… then eventually, you will consistently be hitting your goals!

REMEMBER: It’s not that you can’t find the time, it’s that you haven’t made the time… yet!

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