The Power of Self-Reflection

An excellent way to keep an optimistic and self-supportive environment for yourself is to practice self-reflection. Your introspection to learn from past experiences is the best way to reap the benefits of creating an abundant future.

While most counselors and coaches advise getting into the habit of journaling and meditation, this may not be easily sustained. This could be due to lack of sleep, mental exhaustion from the day, or an increased work-load. Regardless, the following tip can help improve your consistency to include self-reflection that could enable you to keep track of creating the life you desire.

If you don't have the time to journal daily, try reflecting on a week's event or previous experiences. You can accomplish this easily by jotting down three or four keywords (i.e., long day, tired, stressed) that described your overall feelings at the end of each day. Keep these questions in mind or jot them down on a sticky note.

  • What were you doing, thinking, and feeling at the time? (i.e., at work, bored, rather be home)

  • Do I want to keep feeling, thinking, and doing this? (i.e., yes/no)

  • If a similar incident occurs in the future, what would I want to happen? (i.e., leave work early or take more breaks)

  • Is what I'm doing in alignment with my future goals? In other words, why am I doing this? (i.e., I need to pay off my debts)

Self-reflection allows you to see how you react and create experiences in your life. It can become a powerful tool to utilize because you begin to identify patterns and circumstances that do not align with the abundance you seek. One of the benefits of practicing this keyword method is that it saves you time and only focuses on what matters in the long-term. Ultimately, you will begin to see your life transform by using the power of self-reflection.

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