Shelf-Love: Reap the Benefits of Reading

When you are feeling overwhelmed on social media or don't feel inspired to pick up a book and get reading try these tips. Taking 2-minutes to read can be part of a wonderful self-care and self-love routine. Reading can soothe tired minds and worn out bodies.

Reading a good book, even for a short while, has been shown to reduce stress levels by over 60%. Reading is a healthy form of escapism. Research shows that regular reading improves brain connectivity, empowers you to empathize with other people, supports a great night’s sleep, fights depression symptoms, and contributes to a longer life. That’s some serious self-care coming from the pages of a book! It’s also true that reading and enjoying books sets a great positive example to kids, fostering in them a desire to read.

Reading doesn’t have to be one of the classics. For example, if you enjoy delicious foods you could try a cookbook. Long for adventure? Try a travel magazine to spark your imagination about the “one-day” holiday you dream of taking once the pandemic is over. In need of a bit of light-hearted fun? Pick up novels written by authors in the humor section, such as Sophie Kinsella. Books can be accessed in so many inexpensive and accessible ways via audiobooks and eBooks. Sometimes all you need is a library card and the entire library is at your disposal. I can't think of anything more divine.

So, when you're feeling bored or looking for a bit of entertainment– show yourself an act of self-love to take 10-minutes to settle down with a good book.. Grab a drink, get cozy and banish the overwhelm by taking time to relax through reading.

What's on your reading list today?

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