When Meditation Doesn't Work, Try This Instead

Mindfulness is your ability to be present and aware of what is happening at the moment—in the here and now. Most people spend a good part of their day—if not all day—preoccupied with thoughts about what happened yesterday, where they want to go today, and what they need to do later. Thoughts tend to be fixated on past events or obsessing over the future. In many ways, this is normal because we need to take care of our responsibilities; we need to work or study and get things done. These types of activities are part of our everyday survival. However, you might start to run into problems when your mind—and your thoughts—are always in the past or in the future and never in the present moment. It can be stressful, exhausting, and emotionally and physically draining when you aren’t able to give your mind a break from worrying, planning, anticipating, and obsessing. When you aren’t able to stay present, you can miss out on a lot of wonderful and valuable experiences—you can end up skipping the process of actually enjoying your life when you spend a lot of your time worrying about the future or lamenting over things that happened in the past.

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