Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance Through Effective Time Management

Women are notoriously busy. Especially working moms who are trying to juggle making sure they’re producing good work with being there for their kids as much as possible. Add in a pandemic and the balance seems to be impossible. How do you fit into the expectation of working like you don’t have kids, but also parenting like you don’t have a job?

Work-life balance can be hard for anyone to achieve, but it’s even harder for working moms. While it feels nearly impossible to find that balance, there are ways that you can work a little magic to manage your time better and be more productive. Being able to manage your time well has so many benefits like reduced stress and feeling like you’re actually accomplishing most of what you need to get done.

Learn to truly prioritize

Most people have too much on their plate. When you learn to truly prioritize all of your responsibilities, you will learn that some things may just have to be let go. You can’t do everything and if you’re feeling crunched for time and overwhelmed no matter what you do, then it’s probably time to sit down and look at your priorities.

Taking the time to write down all of your responsibilities can help you visualize everything you’re trying to master. This may be a wake-up call that you’re truly just taking on too much. Once you have them all written down circle your non-negotiable responsibilities. If you have kids, caring for them is non-negotiable. If you have a job that you can’t leave or reduce hours at, that’s non-negotiable. Once you’ve established what you truly can’t stop doing, look at the rest and start cutting them out. If this makes you anxious, remember that you can always add them back in later once you have a handle on your non-negotiable tasks.

Batch as much as you can

If you can divide up your day into just a couple of batches then you can work more efficiently. Maybe you can do a batch meal prep day on the weekend so while you’re spending an extra 3 hours cooking on Sunday, you’re saving yourself an hour of cooking and extra dishes every other day of the week. Batching in your work can be helpful too. Batching your tasks will increase your productivity and your output in almost any situation.

Stop multitasking

You may feel like you’re getting a lot done when you’re multitasking, but you’re not. In the same way, the tip above about batching tells you that doing like tasks together increases your productivity, multitasking truly decreases your productivity. Tasks switching causes you to lose time every time you move from one task to another. Even if it just feels like seconds. In addition, if you’re multitasking you’re often not doing any one thing well.

Of course, there are situations where multitasking is necessary, but avoid it in the situations where you can and try to just focus on one thing at a time so you can get it done and move on rather than dragging it out over a long period of time because you’re trying to take on too much at once.

Create a schedule

You may already have some sort of a natural schedule due to work hours or other time commitments, but coming up with a schedule for the rest of your day can help you keep on task. Having a weekly schedule where you can schedule in batching different tasks can ensure you have time for those tasks. Scheduling in when you will be meal planning and grocery shopping once a week will give you time to plan ahead so you’re not

forgetting things and having to run to the store every few weeks, for example.

Keep in mind that none of these tips will work if you just jump in, get overwhelmed, and quit again. Time management and balance take time to establish. You may try different things to manage your time better but eventually, find that not all of the methods you’re trying work for your situation.

Join in on the conversation and let us know what your strategies are for effective time management.

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