What to Do When The Excitement of a New Goal Wears Off

You know that wonderful rush of excitement when you start something new or have just set a new goal? You’re motivated, doing the work, working out the details, and so excited to get started. But after a while, the newness can begin to wear off and it gets more difficult to stay on course.

We can often get caught up in the hype of things, but when that feeling goes away, it can be challenging to get through it and reach our goals. Sometimes we blame the program or make other excuses, rather than realize that maybe it’s just our lack of motivation due to the newness wearing off. This of course is completely normal. Here are a couple of tips to try to keep motivated long after the newness has worn off.

Find an Accountability Group or Partner

Finding support with others who are on a similar path is one of the best ways to keep motivated and moving forward no matter how difficult life gets. In fact, that is usually the most important time to have a support system in place. Having other people to turn to when you’re having to experience difficulty along the way helps to inspire you and maybe even offer suggestions on how they have overcome similar obstacles.

At DRM Scholars we have several accountability groups inside our membership. If you prefer a one-on-one opportunity this is also available once you become a VIP member, because we focus on improving our personal or professional lives.

Alternatively, accountability groups may be found locally, on social media, or perhaps a family member who also has similar goals. These are great places to start in order to have the support you need to keep going when things get hard or tedious.

Gather Inspiration

When we’re inspired, we’re motivated to keep going. Even when the newness of our goal or plan has worn off we can always continue to motivate ourselves to keep that momentum going. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, creating a vision board or keeping a journal can help visualize what life would be like once you've reached that goal. This practice can positively impact your life. Vision boards on Pinterest can be great option for this exercise.

Write Out a Plan

If you’re like me and enjoy having a plan to follow, creating a detailed plan could work well to keep on track. Start with the end goal in mind and work backward through all of the smaller steps, projects, or processes that will be needed to reach that goal.

Set Small Goals

In addition to writing out a plan, setting small goals to help break down a more important goal can benefit from making it seem overwhelming. Each small part you achieve will give that extra boost of motivation to get through the next one.

It’s normal to lose momentum after the initial excitement of starting something new. But that doesn’t have to mean you are failing or should give up. Instead, find ways to bring back that motivation and encourage yourself to keep pushing forward. It will be totally worth it once you achieve that goal. Before you know it you'll accomplish far more than you did when you were trying to accomplish it alone.

If you need extra motivation to keep you on track daily with your goals, consider joining the DRM Scholars book club. It is the best way to have fun and accountability while making progress towards your goals. If the membership is currently closed, be sure to join our waitlist or become an Insider to receive updates on what's happening inside the club. I look forward to reading along with you!

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