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We've all been there. We set our goals, write out our plans, and have everything set in place when we are preparing to start something new. The entire process is exciting and super motivating. It typically doesn't happen immediately. It can start with something as small a putting it off for another day. Until you begin realizing that that one day turns into weeks and weeks turn into months. We eventually lose focus and motivation to keep chasing after that dream.

So how do we keep going after we feel like giving up? How do we decide to get that extra push and motivation to keep going? Start with accountability. No matter how hard you try, it is never an easy task You are accomplishing anything significant without having someone alongside you every step of the way. The purpose of having an accountability group is to rely on each other to lift each other when life throws a curveball at you. An accountability group or partner helps remind you of your end goal and keeps challenging you along the way to be and do better than you ever would if you were to do go at it alone. A powerful and successful accountability group shows up every single day to check-in on your progress and review your goals with you every single day. They celebrate successful days, and not so successful ones devise a plan to do better and level up for the next day. If you need an accountability group to do exactly as I've mentioned, you're in the right place. I want to encourage you today to join our online community. Having an accountability group is the most effective way to reach your goal, regardless of its personal or professional. Sign up to join our waitlist at If you have a friend who could use this, share this post to your social media, email or text the link. We will reopen in March for enrollment, so you won't want to miss it.

Another approach is to have a robust playlist ready to go when you need the motivation to get through the day. You can easily create one using Spotify, Google, Pandora, and Amazon Prime music. If you'd like, you can follow our 2020 Ready motivational playlist on Spotify for some inspiration to build your own or follow our playlist here. There have been numerous studies on the effect music makes on our mood and creativity. So don't skip out on this option.

Lastly, review your list of goals and compelling reasons for why you need to do whatever it is you need to get done. Reviewing your list of reasons why you started in the first place can help you focus on choosing one thing you need to get done today in order to move towards your larger goal. Sometimes visualizing where we want to be is motivation enough to keep going. Because in that moment of visualization we are already living the success. We see it and we live in that moment because we know that it is possible. We have concrete evidence that it is possible because we have the complete outline of how to get there using our carefully curated goals and action items listed out in our planner. If you do not have a clear plan or lay out of what you want or where to start to get help get you there, check out our 2020 Setting Intentional Goals: Reclaiming Your Life One Task at a Time.

Join the conversation below by letting us know what you do when you've lost your motivation. What are your action items? How do you get back on track? Do you have an accountability partner? Do you need one? What would be most helpful for you today to get fired up to stay focused and motivated throughout the year?

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