You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

This was a delightful read. Jen Suncero did a wonderful job explaining how to manifest money into your life from a non-woo-woo way.

Jen talked about her own personal struggles with finances and how she got to where she is with being a successful coach and author. She covered topics on how to tap into your own universal chedda and how to start rolling in the dough. She talks a lot about how our thoughts and emotions create the results of our lives and the reason why we have less in our life is due to the limitation (or lack) of money in our own lives.

I really liked that she addressed the fact that regardless of how rich or poor a person is doesn't mean that money is the root of all evil. I also loved how she ended each chapter with space for readers to write something to be grateful for in regards to money. Sincero also discussed her life as an entrepreneur and how she manifested the money she needed to get her business started.

There were a couple of things that she brought up consistently which sort of contradicts what she talked about, and it's that she went into a lot of debt to get where she is right now but somehow the money kept abundantly showing up. Overall, it was a decent read and I would definitely re-read again in the future.

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